I get asked this a lot: “Why chasing after deer? What’s that all about?” Well first, it’s “D-E-A-R,” as in “beloved” or “precious,” not “D-E-E-R,” the adorable / defenseless mammal who was famously martyred in Bambi. This phrase comes from  the Midlake song “Chasing After Deer” (yes, the Bambi variety). When I first met my husband in the early Spring of 2007, we listened to Midlake all the time together. “Chasing after Deer” was one of my favorites and it very quickly became our song. When we were planning our wedding in 2008, I purchased the URL chasingafterdear.com for our wedding website, an intentional play on words referring to my dear, Justin R. Smith. Soon, this name became part of everything that I did as a freelancer. Even my short-lived design agency used a derivative of this phrase–Oh Dear! Design.

I think “Chasing After Dear” fits my life impeccably.

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