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Throw A Downton Abbey Themed Party

This year for the Oscar’s we threw a Downton Abbey Costume Party in celebration of the Oscars.

I started my research for is themed event on that great source of party knowledge, Pinterest.

Here’s the inspiration:

The Invitation –

Treats and Eats –

Downton Abbey Cookies

Mini Shepherd’s Pies

Delicious finger food collage

Little Items of Frivolity –

[Aristocracy Name Game](

[Downton Abbey Paper Dolls](

The Downton Abbey Party

We got each family member to create one aspect of the meal, using recipes or decorated cookies that fit both the period and the tv show. I created handmade garlands, invitations, and a painted backdrop of the mansion for our photo booth. Everyone picked a character from the show and dressed up as them. It was very involved.

Finding a Costume
looking for the right costume for downton abbey at the buffalo exchange

I grabbed 5 baby-free minutes (thank you, Justin!) and headed down to the Buffalo Excange in Lower Greenville. It’s this quirky, half gently used haute-fashion, half vintage clothing shop filled with the zaniest dresses, shoes, hats, gloves, and accessories imaginable. Justin hates it, to say the least.

looking for the right costume for downton abbey at the buffalo exchange

looking for the right costume for downton abbey at the buffalo exchange

looking for the right costume for downton abbey at the buffalo exchange

Our Menu:

There’s an official Downton Abbey cookbook that we looked at when forming our menu, as well as just researching the era and its recipes. Here’re the highlights:
Cream cheese cucumber and dill toast
Shortbread cookies
Small cheese puffs
Mini shepard’s pies
Mint / orange water
Mini Quiches
Deviled eggs
Coffee with sugar cubes (ONLY sold at A’lbertsons around here, these days)

Our 3 Biggest Hits

1) Maddie McGuire’s cookies (she’s in school to be a pastry chef and her cookies were decorated as dresses and tea cups from the period. Plus they were delicious!!)

2) the costume contest (everyone had so much fun dressing up in whacky repurposed clothes and trying to finagle their costumes to fit the show

3) the Downton cup which was awarded to the person with the best costume! It was decorated and filled with chocolate gold coins.


The Downton Abbey Cup

The Downton Abbey Cup won by Maddie McGuire for Best Costume


A few Words of Advice to other Downton Abbey Party Throwers:

Start with Pinterest! Search for other period parties in the same era for inspiration. I found that there was hardly any info of other Downton parties, but I found lots of ideas for 1920s era events. You can see my Downton Abbey Party board here.

pinterest - How to throw a downton abbey party

And Be flexible– if you want to make it rigidly perfect you’ll probably either spend way too much or will be disappointed. As with all costume parties, (our included) someone will inevitably show up out of costume, so being a little flexible and relaxed goes a long way. Case in Point:


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