Wedding Updates

For the last week, all of my posts have been nameless, captionless pictures of possible wedding invitations. For that, and probably many other reasons owing to my severe lack of sociability lately, I have left all of you in the dark about our lives. Here, finally, is some real news for you to enjoy. We've been looking for a florist that can change the acidic quality of the soil to grow for us brilliantly blue hydrangeas. More problematically, though, we need someone that can force grow blue hydrangeas so that they will bloom in early April, not early June or July. Aside: This is has been a chronic problem with our wedding plans--we always want things that are so unusual, out of season, rare, or exceptionally expensive, that we are continually slamming into walls (this time a genetic one). So far, this is all that we've been able to decide:

1: Location--we've already paid the painful down payment on the Wildwood Inn, making us unequivocally committed on that front.

2: Wedding Photographer--Thankfully, Dolly (the beautiful and talented) Stang will be taking pictures of our wedding. She's given us a very nice discount (especially considering that she has to fly to be at our wedding), and I couldn't be happier about having my dear friend be part of our budget.

3: Food--The Wildwood Inn is a 4-star restaurant and they will be catering our wedding. We haven't picked out which items will be on the menu yet, (that will probably have to wait until sometime around November/December), but I'm sure, whatever it is, it will be delicious.

At least that's a pretty good start for a wedding that's exactly 9 months away.