The Wireless Mouse & My Love

I wouldn't describe myself as a technology fanatic. I'm not a WIRED subscriber, I don't have an iphone, my laptop was the cheapest on the market when I bought it. Really, my camera is the only "state of the art" item on my personal, hi-tech inventory, as of two weeks ago. Then, Justin bought me a wireless mouse.

It's a small thing, I guess, both literally and figuratively. Even its namesake, a little, scavenging mammal, couldn't be classified as profound or life changing. But my mouse deserves both of these honors. He is fast, speeding across my screen, highlighting and clicking before I can even fully process or follow his race from icon to icon, tool to tool. His predecessor slugged along, a dinosaur of its kind, with a bulky frame housed on a wheezing, sticking ball. I'd prod, shove, implore, chide, smash, viscously scold--all to no effect whatsoever. Now I work in bliss. My hand and my mouse are teammates, soul mates, intellectual lovers. I carry him with me from home to work to home, adoring every millimeter of his tiny, sleek body. This is a whole new, dawning horizon for me in technological love.

Thank you, Justin! I love you!