Sleepless Nights

Jude is teething. I guess we should have known the day was coming, but I always imagined the eruption of his tiny teeth to take place in a confetti-filled menagerie of sun-drenched afternoons in the park. Unfortunately, reality has quite a bit more:

1. Screaming

2. Crying

3. Bleary-eyed blank staring

4. Fruitless reasoning with a 3 month-old shrieking eel

5. and Exhaustion akin only to that weariness brought on by running 25 miles, climbing 3 vertical miles of rock, and then swimming the English channel with an empty stomach.

o.k., that's a bit exaggerated. (I'm picturing Jusje rolling his eyes at my "flair for drama," right now). Still, put simply, we are tired.

This morning, as I dragged my zombie-limbs out of bed, I looked over at Jusje and laughed out loud. Our little weasel was fast asleep, one arm draping over Jusje, while both of them slept quiet stubbornly through the alarm. (Refer to the image above)