Verbal insipidness and other failings. . .

It's hard being an idiot. I know. Today, it would seem, has been an epic failure on my part. Here's the disparaging evidence:

Item 1:  1pm I launched into an absurd argument with Jusje over something absolutely trivial.

Item 2: 3pm I reacted childishly to a few careless remarks by Jusje. Again, pointless conflict.

Item 3: I thoughtlessly told someone at church something personal about my friend (o.k., I didn't do that today, but she found out about it today, and sweetly asked me about it). This one kills me in particular. I know I'm very, very careless with my words. Usually that is something that only hurts me. This time it hurt someone else, and not just a proverbial 'someone,' but a good friend. Granted, I never meant to betray anyone's trust. I didn't even realize I had done it until she so kindly brought it up. Then it all came into view, the way some one else would have seen it. My total thoughtlessness was (and still is) painful to think about--taking private information and spreading it (with the best of intentions, of course) to someone else. Oh the endless damage waged by the sleep deprived, 'good intentioned' blathering of one idiot.

Sometimes it makes me frustrated how stupid, immature, and selfish I can be.  Sometimes sanctification takes too long.

Thank God for grace, for friends who are caring enough to gently correct, and for a husband who, after a day of abuse, still wants to cuddle with me and watch 'Step Brothers.'

much love,