Grow up, like Travis K. Smith

Grow up, like Travis K. Smith

Birthdays are a bit different in the Smith family. We have cake, candles, and gifts, like everyone else, but we also play themed trivia games and give out prizes all based on the birthday boy (or girl, as the case may be). This all started with Justivia (the first edition) for Justin's 22nd Birthday. Since then, it's kind of exploded to include friends and family all around.

This December 18th, Travis (Justin's "little" brother) is turning 18. (eighteen on the eighteenth!! Hurrah!) And I'm in shock. I know it's extremely cliché, but I am having such a hard time believing he's already almost in college. I vividly remember the first time I met him. Me = awkward, and only dating Justin for a total of 2 days. Him = 14, braces, shy, and a bit skeptical. I said something stupid like, "Justin's told me all about you! So you like Rice Dream®?" (yes, I WAS that lame...) He kind of just looked at me blankly and laughed a little. In other words, he thought I was a complete and total idiot.

4 years later, I've grown to love Travis like my own brother (not just brother-in-law). He's pretty much the most mature almost-18 year old I know. He's a talented chef, an extremely entertaining conversationalist, and oozes art and style all over the place. Best of all, he's one fabulous brother/son respectively. Justin and Sarah are so lucky to have such an awesome guy for a sibling. I can't wait for Saturday the 18th when we celebrate TRAVISTIVIA!

Here's to you, not-so-little-anymore Chef!

Jenny Smith

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