The Best New (FREE!) fonts for Designers

Face it: it's hard to find a good font. It's even harder to find a free good font. Thankfully, they are out there if you dig a little. Enjoy!


A personal favorite, Infinity is reminiscent of hybrid of Helvetica and Museo. I adore the clean lines and stylized finish.

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Although not as applicable as Infinity, Tidal is a very fun and child-like font.

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Banda Regular

Like Infinity, Banda has correspondes somewhat to Museo, but instead of clearly defined serif edges, it offers only the slightest nod to the serif family. Banda is a great choice for any indecisive designer, caught between the eternal cunondrum: serif or sans?

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Otama e.p.

Otama e.p. charms skeptics with its insatiable whimsy. In similar fashion to Bernard MT, it gives a bit of old-style newspaper print coupled with modern savvy.

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Broken Records

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