Renovating Enervates Me


We're moving! I'm excited, but there's some things that I'm going to miss, namely our 14 ft ceilings, ENORMOUS closets, 2.1 baths, and our 2 car garage. Yes, we're trading 1,400 square feet for 1,000.  I won't miss the steep rent / HOA costs or having to clean up Dobby's pee from the carpet or chasing that weasel down the street when he takes off after a skateboarder. Yes, cheaper, hardwood floors, and backyard are worth it, I think. Sad to leave this first home, though. Jusje and I moved in right after we got married and it's been our place ever since. Jude's never lived anywhere else.

The 'new' house is, unfortunately, in a bit of disrepair at the moment. Here are the "Before" Pictures:










Last Saturday Jusje and I ripped up all of the carpet. We were met by a distressing amount of black mold—some of which has permanently stained black rings onto the hardwood floor.  Last night, after a long day of work and an hour of traffic, we went over to clean up the living room floor while listening to Pandora's Arcade Fire station (FYI — Pandora has been a bit disappointing of late. Although I love the "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn, and John, I wouldn't categorize it in the same style as "Keep the Car Running." Really, guys, get your algorithms fixed!)


Tonight = round two of cleaning up the living room floors and removing the carpet tack boards. I'm a little bit exhausted just thinking about it. Here's the lights we've purchased (originally IKEA but bought still in the box via Craig's List for 1/3 of the price):


We're hoping to put two of these in the living room (right now there is no overhead light in there, which proved to be extremely frustrating for after-dark cleaning).


This one is currently in our hallway out our townhouse but will probably be in the hallway of the new house:

This is the tile I've picked out for the backsplash in the kitchen (The picture is from my iphone so the color is a bit distorted. The glass tile is white, light blue, dark blue, and slate grey):



The new vanity we picked out for the bathroom.

Here's my inspiration board, as it were:



Right so all of this means a lot of work. Ugh, I'm so tired already.