Renovations, the second installment: This is the mess . . .

Jenny Renovates the Bathroom - Takes off Wallpaper We just started the bathroom this week. Note that I didn't say that we started "fixing" the bathroom. Mainly that's due to the unfortunate truth that renovating always creates a huge mess before the fixing stage sweeps in. This is probably the worst bit of modernizing any house, especially when the room looks like it'd be more comfortable with some neon graffiti than with a mirror.

We started the teardown stage by mixing vinegar and water in a spray bottle and generously soaking the maroon, green, and gold wallpaper. The vinegar's acid breaks down the wallpaper's paste, making it come right off with a little scraping. Ok, with a LOT of scraping.

Halfway up the wall we realized that the ceiling popcorn was buckling and peeling off in parts. So we had to scrape off all of that too. And the wallpaper hiding underneath the wallpaper. And the textured wall. 6 hours later, Jusje and I were absolutely dusted with drywall and ceiling popcorn.


By 4:15 p.m. Saturday afternoon, we both sported white-gray, dusty hair and smelled strongly of sweat and vinegar--not a lovely fragrance, if you were wondering. And we were tired. Really, really tired.

tearing off the Wallpaper Revealed the ORIGINAL Wallpaper hiding underneath


This next week we're going to be sanding down the walls and adding primer for the pending paint-job, though when said painting will take place is still a bit undecided. We have to get someone to come and fix all of the cracks and holes in the walls and ceilings before any real painting can be viable. AND we have to get the painting done before the floor refurbisher handy-man can transform our white and mildewed hardwoods into darkwalnut beauties.

In other words, I'm starting to feel the stress of the clock ticking away our last 6 weeks before we have to move with still so much left, as of yet, undone.

Kudos to Jusje, Mitchell, and Travis, though, for displaying shear manly prowess and hauling off a satelite dish from the early 90s the size of a small pool, a huge fireplace, carpet, and other large and heavy things. And lots and lots of hugs and appreciation needs to be given to Susan for keeping our 11 month old dinosaur/baby/explorer-of-all-things-dangerous giggling for 6 hours straight!


So now it's late, Jude's just fallen asleep (please dont judge--he's a night owl), and we are finally, FINALLY ready to go to sleep. Another satisfying days worth of work is down. Take that, Martha Stewart and your team of crafty henchmen!