Overloaded / Underproducing: Round three of Renovations

Me and Jude - SO TIRED I'm so tired today. I'm starting to think that I'm really just tired everyday. I can't remember what it felt like to feel rested. This morning—5:30 am—I woke up with that restlessness in my limbs that always creeps up on me when I don't take sleeping pills. And I hate taking sleeping pills. By 5:55 am I surrendered and rolled out of bed, staggered to the bathroom, and ran scoldingly hot bath. It's sick to be so physically tired and yet have no way, no possibility of rest.

I know that Jusje feels it too. Well, it would be nigh impossible for him to hide something like that. When he's tired, he stomps, groans, grunts, and flails his limbs, taking down picture frames and books indiscriminately. It's kind of terrifying. I stay away until the caffeine sets in and he becomes remarkably jovial.

Little Baby Jude asleep in his crib

Mostly, I suppose the exhaustion is coming from our "multiple jobs" since the renovations at the house began. All free time has been spent scouring the internet for beautiful yet relatively cheap light fixtures, furniture, paint, tiles, wallpaper, etc. Jusje tells me often that he's absolutely "Designed out." He has put a household ban on HGTV and doesn't want me to show him pretty pictures of houses. I really don't blame him. All of those photos and projects and tips and product endorsements can really wear you out. It's complete visual overstimulation. I feel that way fairly frequently at work. My job requires lots and lots of visual gorging to come up with new—o.k., slightly used around the edges—ideas for ads, videos, boxes, postcards . . .

So, although Justin will very likely avoid reading this post because of said overload, I will give you a peak at what we've been buying, doing, and thinking . . .

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