DIY turns monstrous



There are somedays where the expectation and reality are so incongruent it's maddening. Refer to Exhibit A: today. In my head, everything would slide beautifully into place—English meadow green would add color to Jude's room without looking garish; restless sea blue would demonstrate my flare for the vibrant (or the dramatic, as it were); Martha Stewart's tin silver would contrast the deep blue of the office; and by the end of the day we would stay in budget and on schedule.

Please refer to Exhibit B: reality as of 7:05 pm. I HATED the pea-green of Jude's room. Justin referred to my choice of blue as reminiscent of "the devil's heart," and absolutely refused to consider keeping it. Martha Stewart lied. Her paint, at $18.95 a QUART, was terrible, splotchy, and uninspired.

All in all, we wasted $145 re-buying paint, wasted 4 hours painting rooms we are now going to re-paint, and Jusje and I were frustrated at each other all day. I feel sick a little as I view the colossal waste of today. More time and money thrown away.

I would like to concede defeat to this unfortunate day. Hopefully God will use it toward my growth and spiritual maturity, further ingraining the truth that hope in anything outside of Christ = massive futility and spinning of wheels.

I always learn the hard way.