Like a little leaf in Fall, Jude Hadron Turns One!

Jude's First Birthday — Shaun the Sheep / Farm Party We officially "Moved" last weekend (well, I guess now it would be two weekends ago), the absolute last weekend in July. And our new house has been chaos. Although there are the proverbial boxes everywhere, we seem to have left most of our belongings in a semi-nebulous state of unpacked-ness. In other words, we have things, in all various sizes, colors, and quantities, spilling out in every direction: pillows, art supplies, screwdrivers, fabric, lamps, baby toys, clothes, and picture frames. Our office and the garage / laundry room became our dumping ground in our speedy effort to clean up for Jude's birthday party. It's so bad now, that you can't even open the office door without knocking into something fragile. Since I'm a perfectionist by bend and neat-freak by practice, this current lifestyle of physical chaos is making me mad. I feel insane all the time and no matter how much I a) donate, b) throw away, c) give away, d) put away, our house still feels cramped, messy, and slightly dirty (thank you dirty dogs that need a bath but I haven't had time to give you one. . .). And I'm SO TIRED!! Plus, Jusje's tire blew up, my alternator died, and the moped stopped working. What. A. Summer.

Jude's First Birthday — Shaun the Sheep / Farm Party

Regardless, we somehow had everything ready for Jude's birthday Party, which I think went very well. It was so much fun having our very "wooden" living room crammed to the bursting point with family and friends! It was a "Shaun the Sheep" / Farm birthday party theme, so I made a happy birthday banner out of blue material and hand-drawn typography. Then I made a blue and white checkered table cloth, bought farm apple baskets, purchased three green paper lanterns, hemp string, and mini-slothespins. We printed a selection of Shaun the Sheep stills and clothes-pinned them on the hemp string on all the walls. I found this old ladder in the garage and put mason jars filled with the forks and napkins on the top of it, with a picture of Jude hanging on the second rung. Justin purchased a custom Shaun the Sheep Cake from "That's Patt's Cakes!" (which was DELICIOUS!!!) that was two-teered and came with a separate Shaun the Sheep "Smash Cake" for Jude to get messy with. The cake was a oh-so-yummy chocolate with silky buttercream icing. I can't remember a time when cake ever tasted so good! Jude's First Birthday — Shaun the Sheep Birthday Cake

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Jude got way too many presents, ate a truly irresponsible amount of cake, and pretty much had a blast all the way around. He also tripped on the old ladder holding up his bubble machine and busted his nose, mouth, and lip, spewing blood everywhere and giving him (and us) a VERY bad night of sleeplessness. Overall, though, I think it was an absolute success. Many thanks to all of the Grammies, Grandaddies, Aunts, Uncles, Great Aunts, Great Uncles, Godparents, Home Group Buddies, and skanky dogs for making Jude's first birthday such a great time. And here I'd like to give a special praise to my husband who is one in a million. He made all the food, cleaned the entire house (as much as possible, that is), and dealt with my Friday night meltdown, Saturday meltdown, and Sunday morning meltdown. I'm so blessed to be married to such a loving and patient man!

I love my little family. Who could ask for a more wonderful husband or little turkey-weasel son? You guys are great. Happy Birthday, Buddha!