5 Reasons Why Justin R. Smith is the Best Husband in the World

Lately, there have been more days of struggle than of ease with me and Jusje. Between moving, stressful projects at the office, a baby learning to walk ( and put every dangerous thing imaginable straight into his mouth), and home groups starting up again for the fall, we've hardly had a moment to breathe, much less enjoy one another. But God is gracious! This past weekend we celebrated (in this order), the birth of our new nephew, Michael Luke Singleton, Brandon's birthday, Elise's Birthday, and my brother Jonathan's birthday. (a lot of awesome people were born in August, it would seem!)

Michael Luke Singleton - Born August 12th, 2011

Also, my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary, though we only celebrated with them in thought since they hoarded all the partying for themselves in a weekend of Hotels and fun. Mostly, though, it was just amazing to sit back with my beautiful family and enjoy their crazy, vivacious personalities. Jude was a turkey, of course, and had a blast screeching, running, and carrying handfuls of dog food around the house. Jusje and I finally had time to be a couple, rather than our norm—partners working on ten to fifteen very complicated "projects" with equally long to-do lists.

And in my two days of happy, restful time with my Husband I remembered so many things that I love about him. Here's my top five reasons why Justin R. Smith is the absolute best Husband!


Justin R. Smith - Odd Fellows in Bishop Arts District

One) His humor Justin is known for his spunk and dry witt. I love it about him, though sometimes it makes me laugh so hard that I start honking like a drowning duck and can't breathe. He has an uncommon proclivity toward quotable one liners and side-bursting hilarious impersonations. I particularly love when he "talks for Jude." All in all, there's nothing quite as wonderful as a man you love who loves to make you laugh. A lot. An embarrassing amount, really. . .


Justin R. Smith - Odd Fellows in Bishop Arts District

Two) His Warmth I mean this in both senses of the adverb. He is literally a warmer temperature than me, so he can warm my freezing appendages in darkened movie theaters. He is also emotionally, or figuratively as it were, warm. He has a gentleness that is unparalleled. It makes me melt.


Justin R. Smith - Odd Fellows in Bishop Arts District

Three) His fatherliness You never quite know for certain what someone will be like as a parent. I was a little nervous that Justin wouldn't adjust, that he would miss his freedom of being single and would perhaps grow to resent Jude. That was NOT the case. Justin is one of the best dads I know. He definitely loves Jude so much that it's obvious even to passing strangers. Jude, too, knows that Justin think's he's the bee's knees. When Jude falls and smashes his head he runs to the nearest parent, rather than exclusively to his mom. That's a beautiful thing to see. I can't even express how happy it makes me to know my little boy is so well-loved by both of his parents.


Justin R. Smith

four) His madible O.k., really it's his beard. It's the thing that makes my giant husband an "indie mountain man" rather than just a large, tall, giant. I like to think of him as the Bounty Paper Towel Lumberjack, axe excluded, thankfully. (Justin isn't known for being very well coordinated with his long limbs).

Justin R. Smith - Odd Fellows in Bishop Arts District

five) MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT JUSJE = His love for God. It's a rare thing to find a man who loves the Lord. I don't mean "loves" the lord, as in has a vague acquaintance with Jesus and says that he's a Christian, but in all other respects is indecipherable or indistinguishable from non-believers. My husband's love and growing pursuit of Christ is beautiful. It fills me with joy and gives me an overwhelming flood of gratitude that God blessed me with such a man. Over the years that we've been together, I've watched his relationship with God mature, strengthen, and grow. This fall, Justin and I are doing Steps at the Village together, and more than anything else, I am full of anticipation at all the beautiful things that will sprout from it.



At the Arcade Fire Concert in Dallas

All together, Justin is awesome. Not because he is awesome in and of himself. But because Christ has transformed his heart, wooed him to Himself, and in that process, Justin has wooed mine.

I love you so dearly, Jusje.