The Room in Which We Live Gets a Burst of Ikea






Oh yes. We are, in fact, still moving in. Or maybe shuffling the things that are already "in" to more controlled arrangements. Right now we live out of boxes (of the cardboard variety) and out of plastic boxes that we humorously ordained as our "dresser."

But I have a dream of a clean, uncluttered house (please God!) that smells of lovely lime and gardenia blossoms.

Yesterday, Justin and his brawny male-kin hauled and assembled our new, beautiful Ikea Kivik sofa in light gray.


It's wonderful having a real couch instead of the ghetto one that Dobby used as his scented territory marker. Now with the biggest piece in place, we just have to get painting the coffee table and side tables bright blue. We might also paint other pieces gray to match the gray curtains we picked out at Target, but I'd be happy just to have ONE room presentable at this point. Here's the design board for the living area:

Color Scheme:



Gray Curtains from Target (Woolrich® Grommet Window Panel Pair - Gray - $29.99 / panel)



Blue Rug:




Blue Accent Chair:

20110822-091456.jpg Ikea ÅSELE lamp, silver ($59.99)

ikea Asele Lamp





IKEA STOCKHOLM BLAD Fabric, black & white $8.99 / yards

Ikea Barometer floor reading lamp, nickel plated $59.99 Ikea Barometer floor reading lamp, nickel plated

Here's the Paint colors for our coffee table and accent pieces. I'm thinking probably ocean view will be the primary one with small accents of seven seas and planetarium: behr blues - nautical themes for paint