Thoughts Refering to My Beautiful Sister-in-Law / Friend and Anthropologie Visual Design

Anthropologie Visual Design  

There are some stores, and here "some" refers to few and far between, that make me absolutely melt inside like a big scoop of mint ice cream oozing on hot pavement. Anthropologie is naturally the hottest facilitator of said "melting," with all of its woodland, vintage, rustic, bright, colorful displays. That's why I'm about as happy as a person can be now that Sarah—my beautiful and talented sister-in-law—recently was hired on as part of Anthropologie's visual design team. I can't believe she actually gets paid to rip up strips of fabric, cut, paint, prop, clean, and pretty much do every crafty thing you can imagine! I only do all of those marvelous things on strictly a volunteer basis. I believe my very patient husband would prefer that I left much of those "hands-on" activities to the professionals and stuck to digital / paint / drawing design (Please, don't ask about the Home improvement fiascoes that I recently attempted. The last one left me mosquito bitten and bruised).
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