26 looks alarmingly like 42


Technically my birthday is on September 28, but as a privileged member of the Smith Family, I was blessed enough to have an early celebration tonight as part of the family September birthdays. Mitchell's birthday was yesterday, and we had his first party at the oh so delicious Fireside Pies, aka the best pizza place in the Americas. Yes, I did devour a mountain of scrumptious salad and attempt to drink the horribly bold roasted / burned coffee. Post-dinner, we came back to Smith Hub a la Carrollton to enjoy one of the most delicious German chocolate cakes ever crafted ( Special thanks to my lovely and gorgeous sister who purchased said cake from Ravelin Bakery in Denton). Tonight, though, we had the grander, 4-person party in Sanger with the Singletons and Smiths and Hardens. It was absolutely amazing! I had a lovely time talking with my brother, schmoozing with the relatives, eating yummy carrot mash made by my brilliant brother-in-law Travis, and opening a host of wonderful gifts. Jude seemed to be rather enjoying himself as well. He spent most of the evening feeding Cappy dog his crayons, grabbing handfuls of dog food and scattering them across the kitchen floor, and generally running around, shrieking like a raptor.

It's such a blessing to just enjoy your family. sehla.

As for the 'real' birthday party, we're planning it around the first weekend of October. Last year, we played Live-Action CLUE for my birthday party. We sent out invitations with each couples character written on a small card and then dressed up accordingly. I t was amazing! (If youre wondering, it was COLONEL MUSTARD). This year, we're doing something a bit different. I decided it's such a bore, so obvious and contrived, to celebrate your birthday in sequential order. So this year, I'm celebrating my 42nd birthday on my 26th birthday.

The idea: Dress like you're 42

The Game: Operatic, group Karaoke to popular 80s and 90s songs like Safety Dance and Walk like an Egyptian, which we will record and hand out as party favors.

The Food: TBD

Yes, Justin and I do have the most bizarre birthdays.