The Bitter Dregs of Unmet Expectations

"Tragically, human desires corrupted by sin turn in on themselves; rather than finding satisfaction in God, longings become lusts—bottomless pits of selfish desire, never quite satisfied, inevitably leading to despair." - Doctrines, by Mark Driscoll

Heading into the Holiday Season full tilt, I am often reminded of this sickening disparity between expectation and reality. Every year, there's such a buzz leading up to Christmas making the post-holiday depression so much more biting. I've always found it ironically sad how much I love the holidays but dread the actual arrival of Christmas day. All the days of excitement, anticipation, secret gift buying, and planning just never seems to meet up with the actual day's delivery.

This is yet another reason that I wish Christmas was 10x more a celebration of the incarnation of Christ and his coming return. After all, there is absolutely no way my expectation could possibly even capture a taste of my future joy with him.

So let's just skip the obsessive shopping, the constant chatter, and pounds of wrapping paper, and simply remember him for whom all of this is possible.