My First iPhone App - Waiting for Review

I just uploaded my first iPhone app, and I'm terrified. It's like going on a blind date, with all those terrors of being too fat, or too short, or too awkward for the mystery man.

Here's the description:

"Adobe Code

Try out Adobe Code, the Free, ad-less, QR Code Reader

Adobe Code - Qr tag reader - free app

Adobe Code is exceptionally easy to use and absolutely free, with no annoying ads or promotions.

Adobe Code is a QR code scanner that interacts with real estate property brochures. Simply scan any QR code and get connected with multimedia videos, 360 tours, photo galleries, property descriptions and so much more all from your smartphone. But don't worry. You can use the Adobe Code app for virtually every type of QR code, not just real estate-related codes! So whether your looking for your first home or just seeking more information on a product, Adobe Code is the perfect app for the job!

Adobe Code

No Need to take any photos, simply hover your phone over the QR tag you are trying to scan and instantly Adobe Code will take you to the URL, display the text, open the Google Map, or display the contact attached to the code.

If the code just contains text, it will pop up for you to read. Each scan is logged and stored in your app's scan history, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Simply tap the info icon on the bottom right-hand corner to view a list of your previous scans. * REMEMBER: You will need internet access when scanning URL QR tags for them to function properly.

Sample QR Codes

Here's a couple of sample codes for you to test Adobe Code with! Enjoy!

URL QR Code Example

Adobe Code

Text QR Code Example

Adobe Code

Google Map QR Code Example

Adobe Code"