Mike Singleton - My Brother's Very Disturbing, Yet Amazing, Art


My brother Mike's art is amazing. And Terrifying. His perspective is honestly mind-blowing and his raw talent makes me incredibly proud. BUT, as I mentioned, it's horrifying and scary and usually filled with monsters / guns / villains. Here's a random sampling:



Currently he works full-time at Bottle Rocket, an awesome app and game development company based out of Dallas. Still, he has lots of experience designing, painting, 3d-modeling, building games, and all kinds of random sculpting and artsy things. Just wish they weren't so "Tim Burton-esqe." Here's how he describes himself: "I've been interested in storytelling for as long as I can remember. My goal now is to learn to tell stories through art."

For more information visit http://mpsingleton.net/ or email him at mpsingleton@lurkingfish.com