He Will Laugh

I absolutely love this Facebook post written by one of my friends after the birth of her second son. It's so beautiful: "Sweet morning getting to know Mr. Ike. We've decided we like Ike. (I've been waiting months to make that joke.) He is a sweet little guy that makes sweet little noises and is very peaceful. We are speaking joy over Isaac's life... unspeakable joy that will come from knowing that Jesus is mighty to save. Joy that will be rooted in Jesus and won't be stolen by living in a sinful and broken world.

♥ You took my weeping, turned it into laughing. You took my sadness, turned it into joy. Psalm 30:11 ♥

Hallelujah, He makes all things new, friends.

Isaac - "he will laugh"" -Megan

Welcome to the world, little Isaac! You are dearly loved.