Prayer Date!


Tonight Justin and I tried something new and totally bizarre: a prayer date. I know that as believers prayer should be a natural part of our marriage and our individual lives, but for us this has never been the case. We're both a bit awkward about prayer in general and praying together in particular. That's why tonight was extraordinarily special.

I'm not sure exactly where the idea came from but on Monday I asked Justin out on a prayer date at Starbucks. Here's the invitation I sent him:


We asked my parents to watch the boys while we sat, drinking coffee and praying together over 5 specific areas of weakness in our finances. Each of us prayed for 2 - 5 minutes per topic and it was so sweet to have such a directed conversation with the Father together! We enjoyed it so much we've decided to make a prayer date a monthly tradition. I highly recommend you try it, though definitely come with a list since this removes some of the self-consciousness awkwardness while keeping you focused.

What a blessing to see God removing the spiritual barriers between me and Justin and knitting our hearts closer together! What a wonderful man I married!