Why I'm Thankful for Maddie McGuire

I met Justin in Jan. of 2007 and within 2 years my family grew by 5! Now I have an adorable sister and brother and spare set of parents (I don't count them as "in-laws" because I just simply love them too much). It's so exciting to have a sister to laugh with, talk about boys, drink coffee, and shop with! I never had that before and I can't even begin to express what a blessing Sarah's friendship has been. Similarly, both of my brothers are significantly older, so having Travis around has been so special! I've grown quite attached to him over the past 5 years and so when he started dating Maddie, I felt: elated, pensive, possessive, excited, joyful, worried, expectant, and a little bit cautious. I shouldn't have been concerned at all.


Maddie is awesome. She's this little pocket-rocket of personality, style, humor, spunk, and culinary talent! She's so much fun to hang out with and so smart and witty that it's no wonder Travis is more than a bit smitten. If anything, I'm only saddened that we don't see her more often. On Sunday night, I kept hounding Travis with endless questions like "Is she coming over Christmas Eve? Is she going to be around for Christmas day?! When are we going to see her next?" Yes, Maddie is amazing! And that's only fitting because Travis is amazing and anyone less special would not deserve him. God has been so good to our ever-growing family by continually providing and showering us with blessings and friendships and even loves who are just delightful.

So Miss Maddie McGuire, here's to you! I'm so thankful for you and for the joy you've brought to Travis, Jusje and me, and all us Smiths in general! Love you!