Why I'm Thankful for Jeff Combs


Sarah Smith is one of my all-time favorite people! She has a heart that's big, warm, and all-encompassing. She's quite possibly one of the kindest, most empathetic people that I know. So I guess I've grown rather protective of her. When people are rude to her or when her previous bosses gave her a hard time, I got livid. I wanted to storm in and set the record straight: "You just don't treat our Sarah that way!"

But Sarah doesn't need me to be her champion because Jeff Combs is much better suited to the job, what with his fancy beard, great humor, and level-headed know-how. This guy is just legitimately impressive. He's extremely talented at graphic design, cake decorating, and fruit arrangements. He's laid back, funny, easy to talk to, and isn't freaked out by our loud, crazy, uninhibited family. Best of all, he loves God and seeks him. That's pretty much the best recommendation that I can imagine.

At the end of the day, Jeff's the kind of guy you always hoped Sarah would meet but weren't totally sure existed. Well, he does and she did and they're getting married!

Jeff, you're a great guy, a fun friend, and you're going to make an awesome brother-in-law! We all love you so much and Thank God for putting you in our lives! Here's a big high five to you! Congratulations on your engagement to one of the prettiest, sweetest ladies I know!