Why I'm Thankful for Travis Smith

Everyday I interact on some level with a minimum of 233 people: 3 people before I leave the house (Justin, Jude, and Noah); 7 people at the boys's school (teachers, staff, and the owners); 10 people in the marketing department (in person); 193 people in the BFSIR office (via email); 1 to 4 anonymous people in the ladies room ( who always ask while I'm pumping milk for Noah, "Is everything ok in there," as if I'm on a life support machine or something); 10 - 20 people online (via facebook or twitter); and 6 people thought the day (via crazy family group texts). All of these interactions, from the deeply affectionate morning kisses for the boys to the reflexive "like's" on Facebook, are special to me since they reflect the vast amount of precious relationships Christ has blessed me with.

But if I were to be perfectly honest, I'd tell you that at least 80% of my relationships are merely situational. In other words, the majority of my social interactions every single day would completely evaporate if my situation changed (e.g. Moved, got a different job, etc). They're kind of like celery: if its in front of me I'll totally eat some, but there will never be a day when I'll wake up and think "Gee, I'm ravenous for some celery!" My friendship with Travis Smith, however, is not celery-esque! Even if I had never married Justin (Awful thought!!) I still would have loved hanging out with Travis. He's like Starbucks lattes--an anytime, always friend! I always want to hang out with him, hear how things are going, laugh at his funny jokes, and just enjoy spending time with him.

For those of you who don't know him, I've reduced Travis to a list of adjectives to give you a clearer picture. Travis is: Smart, hilarious (both intentionally and otherwise), sophisticated, warm-hearted, witty, talented in the kitchen, artistic, stylish, caring, devoted to friends and family, thoughtful, strong, good with kids (if they're not insane), empathetic, companionable, quick to forgive, quick to love, fiery, excitable, enthusiastic, traditional, unconventional.

Oh, and he's pretty much one of my favorites. He will always be my little (but not really that little), giant younger brother!

In summation: I love him! I love him! I love him! I know he is going to have a very successful life and I pray God will flood it with blessings and joy beyond measure! Here's to you, chef!