Why I'm Thankful for Sarah Smith


I can't remember a time when I didn't want a sister. My oldest brother was in High School, driving, dating girls,  and completely uninterested in playing Harriet the Spy with me. My other older brother Mike was too busy meticulously drawing machine guns to be bothered. So I resorted to wheedling my mother for more siblings. "Mom, you don't even have to have one. You could just adopt a sister for me!" (At the time, this seemed like a thoroughly sound argument since I wrongfully believed myself to be adopted---Thanks Mike ;). For at least two years I wheedled my mom until she resorted to basic bribery. She bought me the most adorable fluffy chick. It sort of worked for a while too. I was so excited about all the things me and my new little friend were going to do together. I made her a house in the back yard complete with feed and water and a little bed. Our relationship, alas, wasn't meant to be. My siberian husky dug a hole at the edge of my sweet little friend's pen and in no less than 30 minutes, my little friend was dinner.

So I never got a sister and, although my mom proceeded to buy me about 20 chicks--all of which died tragically in various ways soon after, I never got a sister. Until I married Justin, that is. You know you can't pick your family, but if I were able to, I'd still pick Sarah! She makes me so happy, like the first day of Holiday Lattes at Starbucks! I seriously just want to spend all my time with her (not in a stalker, obsessed sort of way, but in an oh-my-gosh-you're-so-fun-to-be-around-I'll-never-get-tired-of-you! kind of thing). She's just beautiful inside and out. She loves in such a deep, affectionate way that I'm positive that she will make an absolute out of the ballpark kind of wife and mom (yes, Jeff, that baseball analogy was totally for you!). She's devoted, funny, silly, light-hearted, easy to talk to, easy to have a crisis with, always up for doing something just a little bit crazy, a great designer, and an even better friend. Oh and she's pretty much model-gorgeous, but I won't hold that against her.

I have so many great memories with Sarah: Me being pregnant and yelling at our waitress for bringing me the smallest hot chocolate in existence (NOT a high point in my life, I assure you); driving home from a baby shower in 100 degree weather without air conditioning; heaving a million balloons and decorations through North Park Mall for a surprise birthday party; Getting lost about a trillion times in places we should know very well by now; dually graduating from OC together (that's a joke, by the way); and colossally failing at making gingerbread houses that stay upright for more than 30 seconds.

Sarah, I love you so much! You're one of my best friends, favorite people, and I hope you are always, always in my life! Plus, you're worth more than about a billion cute, fluffy baby chicks (dead or alive)! Love, love, love you!