Why I'm Thankful for my Dad, Steve Singleton


For those of you on the up-and-up, yes, I am doing a "thankful" post everyday from now until Christmas. And since yesterday was devoted to my mom, it seems fitting that today should be for my dad.

My dad. From my earliest childhood I remember him blaring classical music in our ghetto little car and fake conducting along with the swelling notes. Many times, he would make up stories that went along with the music and we'd listen with wrapped attention waiting for Mr. Beaver to find a way out of his current crisis. All through ninth grade as he drove me to school, he would talk to me in a Russian accent, coaxing my surly teenage self into laughter with his endless renditions of "Trafick eez tehreybal, in dis kuhntry!" My dad introduced me to my first cup of coffee at age 12 (for which I am forever grateful)! He taught me to play the classical guitar. He helped me learn the complexities of grammar. He struggled with me through geometry and trig as my dyslexic brain stretched to picture 3 dimensional shapes.

He bought me my first pet, a Pomeranian named Yum-Yum after the Mikado, when I was 11. He cultivated in me a love for the arts, museums, NPR, reading, learning, and music. My dad is a goofball too. He loves corny puns and laughs at his own jokes, which always makes me laugh. To my horror, I find myself making similar jokes and laughing all the time now.

He dropped me and my "boyfriend" off on our very first date at 14. He always told me when he thought guys I was obsessed with were sketchy (which ended up being pretty much everyone until Justin). He gave me Greek lessons over coffee in his spare time my sophomore year of college. He taught me how to maintain a car, check the oil, add air to the tires, and change a flat. And he taught me how to think, reason through an argument, and enjoy debating theology and philosophy. Most importantly, he helped me learn for myself what it means to love the Lord with all of your heart, soul, and mind.

Thanks for investing loads of time, money, and cups of coffee in me, dad! I love you and Im so happy Jude and Noah have you in their life. I hope I can share so many skills and interests with them in the same way you shared them with me. Love you!