God is in charge of everything (and he wants to talk to us)

God is in charge of everything! No really . . . everything. *I mean everything!* As a kid I believed God took a largely liaise faire view of his people: answer the "big" prayers and let all the small things sort themselves out. Why should he be concerned with my grades, my friend drama, or my summer plans? He's running the entire universe after all, and didn't he give mankind freewill for a reason? Why would he give such a gift only to intervene for every small and silly thing we pray for?

Wow, it's alarming how off I was. My son asks me for silly things all the time and I LOVE giving them to him----Gummies, cars, baths, oh boy! Even when he asks me for M&Ms at 9pm (obviously not going to happen), I am still happy he's asking. And I'm just this goofball of a 27-year-old, muddling my way through the week. On the epic scheme of spiritual maturity, I'm a starving, naked orphan in the Sahara. And yet God--infinitely more powerful, righteous, merciful, and just--is in charge of everything. What's more, he wants to talk to us! (Yes, I did just pull out two little village teaching phrases).

This is staggering. And it never fully hit me until I was driving to the doctor today, listening to my audio French bible. Here's the bit (en anglais, bien sur):

You do not have, because you do not ask. - James 4:2b

Ok, basic stuff, right? But for some reason, maybe because it was in French and I was struggling to understand it (v. Rusty on French, hence the audio bible), it clicked for the first time. "God is in charge of everything," I thought, "And he wants me to talk to him! He actually wants to know about all my little worries and problems, even the dumb ones!"

So, since I was running v. late to my doctor's appointment, I prayed to somehow make it there on time. And if not on time, I prayed that God would bring good out of me missing my appointment. I didn't miss it. I walked in exactly 9.55 minutes late. Ten minutes, and I would have received a $50 bill and no appointment. Big answer "yes!" To a small-ish request. But that's not even really the point. It's just amazing to think that this Big, Big, Big God is the power behind every moment, "holding all things together," and seeking relationship with silly carbon-based me. Thank you, Father! What a treasure to be in conversation with you!