Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold, that's the theme of 2013 this far. Last night, sandwiched between No and Jusje, my feet were ice and frost. They ached from inexplicable cold, but when I slid them under the covers, they stung from heat and filled my stomach with this awful feeling of closterphobia. I spent hours churning blankets, shifting little No from side to side, and straining to find a mental whiteness that would override the cold. No help there. Elvis sings to me every morning at 6am (he's one of the only ringtones annoying enough to wake me up but not so horrible that I want to smash my iPhone). This morning I could have turned him off, rolled me and No away from the bed's left shore, and slipped into the vast middleness of late morning sleep. Of course I got up, though, and started another week exhausted. There's so much exhaustion in our days and so little rest. We didn't even do much this weekend, but even pausing from the constant motion hasn't seemed to be restful. Instead it's just empty space before bed. Ugh...

Here's to Friday.

Jenny Smith

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