We're Moving to Chasingafterdear.com


Hey Friends and readers (all two of you out there)! We're moving! Basically, I'm tired. I thought free lancing would be fun, inspirational, CREATIVE, and oh so beautiful. But it wasn't. It was ugly, exhausting, didn't pay, made my family frustrated with me, took me away from playing with my boys, and ultimately made me feel very, very overworked. So I've unregistered my company, Oh dear! Design with the state of Texas, allowing any of you who want to use that name full rights and privileges there of.

Am I defeated? No! Never! How dare you! I am just more rested. So what about this oh so significant blog? Well, I guess I've gotten sentimental about writing on here so I am keeping it, though now it will be hosted on chasingafterdear.com

You'll be able to read all these posts and any new ones there, so please, come along with us and raise your glass (or, in my case, mug) to new adventures in the lives of the Smiths.