Noah at 7 months

At month 7 (Officially beginning March 21, 2013), Noah grows ever-closer toward crawling! Likes: Eating, eating, eating!! Loves milk, pumpkin, apple oatmeal, and butternut squash. Adores playing Legos with his big brother Jude on the living room floor. Likes chewing on: hands, toes, sleeves, toys, mom's hair, necks, and Sophie, the giraffe. Loves being outside with Jude on the deck and playing with dinosaurs. Enjoys mom or daddy carrying him, napping with him, taking evening walks in the stroller, and cuddling. Looks forward to nightly bubble bath extravaganzas with Jude. Prefers classical music. Loves to smile, giggle, and growl. Loves things that blink, squawk, beep, or chirp.

Hates: Car seats, being hungry, shoes and socks, getting dressed, lying down, not being able to see what's happening or being left out of the action. Dislikes long car rides, cold apple sauce, getting face wiped off, talk radio, or nap time / playtime alone.

Firsts: Words!! (Momma (8xs - and very first word ever), and today (4/18/13) Bubba andDaddy)! Ate a pancake, chili, train ride with Grammie and granddaddy, Easter / Easter egg hunt, trip to the zoo, taste of ice cream, wearing sunscreen, sunburn, sitting up for extended periods of time without help.