Sareff - Sarah Smith and Jeff Combs are getting married (watch the video)

Justin and I are so excited about Sarah and Jeff's coming wedding this October 19th! Every time I see their save-the-date magnet on our refrigerator I get a little giddy. Justin and I have been married for four years, and though there have definitely been moments where I hated it, I have to say that overall, married life has been the best thing I've ever experienced. Don't get me wrong: it's very, very difficult, but it's equally joyous and fulfilling. I always tell Justin that I feel like my life was grayscale before I met him. Even the downtimes are better because we have each other, and there's something profoundly calming and reassuring in that.

Sarah and Jeff, I know that God has big things in store for you both in your coming life together. It's going to be wonderful and painful and funny and exciting! I want you to know that we're all here for you, that we love you, and pray for you continually. Here's to you both! We are overjoyed that God put you two together!

Here's what Taylor of Barefeet Photography and Design, LLC  wrote about this beautiful engagement photo shoot:

"Check out this stunner of an engagement session! I’m so excited for you to finally see these. We started out Sarah and Jeff’s photo shoot in Lewisville at the local Starbucks sipping coffee, and we ended up in a fabulous field of yellow wildflowers. Not only was the day perfect (the weather was awesome) but Sarah and Jeff were truly amazing to work with. Those smiles are real, y’all! We were having so much fun, it hardly felt like work. I love the color from this session…especially when we brought out the paint! They were such troopers for this wacky idea, but I’m really glad they chose to trust me. These cuties are both artists, so I thought we could showcase the love they both have for art. The “paint fight” allowed me to capture some of my favorite images from the day because of the playful nature of the concept. I hope you guys had as much fun posing for me as I did shooting this sesh! Show Jeff and Sarah some love by letting them know how ADORABLE they look!" - See the original post here.