Oh How the World Has Changed . . .


As year "30" approaches every closer, it's crazy to me how much has changed during my short lifespan. I saw this picture (above) from NBC news today and it struck me how insanely connected we all are. I'm talking about myself as a prime example, since my job as mobile / web / social media ninja = LOTS of screen time everyday.

My Klout score is 56, which means I need to unplug more and get outside more often. It's hard though, when so much of my social interaction is exclusively online. I work 9 - 12 hours a day. I drive for another two. If it weren't for blogging, Facebook, instagram, emails, and texts, I'd pretty much be a stranger to everyone and everyone a stranger to me. So hear me, I'm very, very thankful for technology. I can't imagine being without it. I love stand the information, spiritual teaching, and community that it lends. But it's simply not the same as the real thing.

Face to Face time is vital. It's a treasure. I should put my phone down more often and just rest in the moment. I'm bad at this, particularly when I'm tired (*cough* or all of the time *cough*). I find myself on Pinterest, Facebook, or drawing on the Paper app more often then I'd like to admit. It's definitely easier than, say, being a parent or something.

So let's thank God for our mobile phones as we put them down for an evening of just looking into each other's physical eyes rather than digital ones.

Love you guys!