Cheating The Triangle, a Rant

Oh the epic love triangle! By the nature of the beast, there's never a happy ending. So why are modern authors cheating? I mean if Stephanie Meyer* had written a tale of two cities, Sydney would have discovered his prison guard was ACTUALLY his soul mate and they would have escaped to Normandy to raise cutie little babies and make exotic cheeses. See illustrations below:

We're raising the bar of expectations for these young, deluded readers from not ONE soulmate but TWO! And to make it worse, everything works out magically at the end and all parties still send each other Christmas cards. Friends, that's just silly. Give me a good Dostoevsky, Proust, or Plath tragedy any day over such obvious and uncomplicated books like those found in Barnes and Nobel's "Paranormal Teen" section.

This rant was inspired by a trip to the bookstore to purchase a gift for my nephew.

*please forgive me generalization in calling Meyer a modern author. I'm not sure I would call Twilight writing as much as teenage be-glittered daydreaming.