Freedom Fridays = Dolly Python, Planes, Overpriced Sprinkles Ice Cream, and Naps!

We are very much enjoying a Briggs Freeman initiative called "Freedom Fridays!"We started the morning with lattes (made via our lovely Nespresso machine) and doughnuts for the boys.

And of course, Justin made himself something exotic to eat.

Then we herded the flock to Dolly Python off of Haskell Avenue. If you've never been there, think an interesting combination of the Buffalo Exchange (lower Greenville), The Gypsy Wagon (Knox-Henderson area), and Milk + Honey (Henderson)---lots of vintage clothes, jewelry, boots, photos, LPs, decor, and a little bit of creepy taxidermy animals.

Beware of leaving your children here...

Oh and I found a dress that I loved but did not purchase due to its $80 price tag.

Then Lunch here ( Motor & Maple):

Oh, wait, too crowded, no seats, very greasy... So we ate here instead (KetchUP Burger Bar):

We ended lunch with some ice cream at Sprinkles Ice cream. This was an epically bad idea. If you're looking to spend $4 on a tablespoon of sugar / cream and wait 45 minutes outside in 103 degree hot pavement, this is the treat for you. By the time we got our tablespoon of coffee ice cream, Justin was over heated and ready to throttle the next person who bumped into him. Seriously, this place is crazy and not worth it.

Noah and Jude got bored by the heat and the cramped, person-next-to-person-next-to-person store. They kind of freaked out by the time we reached the inside window.

I had to take Jude over to the slightly less crowded sister store, Sprinkles, because he was thrashing and kicking people.

Finally we left for the Frontiers of Flight museum. This was Jude's favorite part of the day! He loved all of the planes and seeing inside of Apollo 7!

Fun day. Boring post. Time for a nap.