How to (sort of) Throw a Wes Anderson / The Grand Budapest Hotel Themed Party

Reader, I feel I must be frank with you before you pursue this post any further. In full disclosure, I did not very successfully "Throw a Wes Anderson Party." Rather I begin with grand schemes, (mostly color schemes, really), spent a week laboriously painting a Photobooth back drop of the lovely pink Grand Budapest Hotel, didn't finish it in time, and kind of called it a day. The actual party was a miss-mash of Wes Anderson motifs + gold, white, and aqua balloons / streamers + a delicious cake from Panini. That being said, I did have plans of how to throw the perfect Wes Anderson Party. So if I haven't completely scared you off, here's my little project, it's end result, and the many pretty pins I added to my self-titled pinterest board. Preparing for the party:


My Pinterest Inspiration Board:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.33.00 PM

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The Actual Party: