30 days of Self - A Self-Portrait Photo Challenge

Hi friends! This month we are gearing up for the new year with a 30-day self-portrait challenge! We thought it might be fun to make an open invitation to all of you to join our challenge.

Sure, taking photos of yourself can feel unnatural, egotistic, and awkward, but it is truly one of the only ways to capture all of you at once, from any geographical distance. Plus, when you are both the artist and subject, your photos take on an individuality and creativity that's as unique and original as you are.

+ So will you join us? We'd love to follow your photo-journey! We will be making a video and post (and possibly be printing a few special edition photo books) for this project. The project will go from January 6 through February 28 (yes, more than 30 days for all of us "late starters").

THE RULES: 1: the photo must contain some part of your body (e.g. A pic of your feet would count)

2: all photos must be in by February 28, 2014.

Share your photos via your blog, instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #30daysofself.

We will be sharing ours via instagram (chasingafterdear + linearwhite)!