Our Updated Bathroom! (We only have one)

Maybe some of you will remember our 2011 massive renovation project when we first moved into our adorable little house on Alan Avenue (Refer to: This, this, and this). Well maybe you don't remember (I hardly do), but we never really finished. It's one of those things that creeps up on you: by the time you finally finish settling in, you simply have to pack it all up again pending another move. We've lived here for almost 3 years and we only just finished putting some of our art on our walls last month, if that's any indication of our pace. So thanks to a timely / intensive water pipe leak our bathroom floor had to be completely ripped up and reinstalled. In other words, my awesome father-in-law transformed our bathroom into a mini paradise! Here are the proverbial before and after shots:

BEFORE: (when we first moved in, June 2011 - No, that's not the shower curtain we've been using the past 3 years ;) )


AFTER: (Two weeks ago, March 2014)


Yay new(ish) bathroom! Yay in-laws!