Oddfellows - the Best Latte in Dallas

You know how sometimes you love something so much that you just can't stand anyone saying anything disparaging about it? I mean they could even be saying something neutral ("yeah, it's alright.") and you're like "Alright?! No, it's not 'alright;' it's the bee's knees. The BEE'S KNEES, man! Yeah, that's how I feel about the lattes at Oddfellows.

But it's not just the coffee that's got me swooning. This little hangout has all of my favorites: local art (including, but not exclusive to a half bicycle hanging from the wall), beautiful, light-filled dining spaces with farmhouse-chic / modern appeal, REAL food (new American, to be precise) made right, with ingredients from local farmers. Best of all, this hipster-meets-Dallas-yuppie retreat lies in the best hotspot in the greater DFW region commonly referred to as the Bishop Arts District.

If you've never tried this tasty spot, here are a few essentials from its expansive menu: - a straight up latte (see opening of this post) - the yogurt and granola with fruit and honey (I ALWAYS get this! It's like nothing you've ever tasted!) - the buffalo chicken Mac-n-cheese (my husband's fav) - the beignets with powdered sugar, fresh lemons, and local honey