Renovations Part 3 {Retro-actively posted 3 years late}

I meant to post these photos AGES ago. Literally. Jude was just about to celebrate his first birthday. Now Jude is a mere three months away from birthday number 4 and Noah's second. It's crazy how much has happened in the past three years. For one thing, as these photos will attest, I am a lot grisly / older looking now then I was when we first moved into our adorable little cottage. Also, my iPhone 3 was terrible, terrible at taking photos, hence the blurry, fuzzy, splotchy look. Yes, this is real vintage. Enjoy!


Oh, and yes, we did in fact have our entire family help us paint what is now the boys' rooms Green and Navy only to turn around and repaint them gray and neutral blue afterward. Confession, after seeing the "Little boy green" actually dry on the wall I hated it. Justin similarly detested the Navy that made my heart swoon so. He named it "Satan's Heart Blue." In an effort to save our marriage, we ended up undoing all of the effort exerted by our sweet family and repainted (frantically) both rooms the following day. We tried to get it done before anyone got there so they wouldn't get their feels hurt. I don't think it worked. Thanks family for not disowning us for that bit of stupidity! You guys are awesome.