From the Desk of . . .

I'm in a slump, ya'll. A big, slumpy, sloppy, drooping, tired, weary slump. I'd like to think this is temporary--another rapid Jenny-mood-swing--but this one isn't so rapidly un-swinging (or is it re-swinging?) and so we've circled back to the afore mentioned slump.

I am getting really, really tired of my personality. I'm not blaming my behavior on my "personality type"-- though, for the record, ENFP's are known for this kind of volatility. I'm pretty much 100% confident it's my own fault / responsibility, but nonetheless it sucks. So much of my motivation, much less creativity, is a derivative of my mood that slumps can really hit the breaks on productivity.

My work cycle goes like this:

Jenny-A: You really need to get that video editted from the event last night.

Jenny-Slump: Ih.... eh...

Jenny-A: Um, I'm being serious.

Jenny-slump: seriously-meh.