"If you were denied water for several days, what would be on your mind? GETTING WATER. You would be tempted to drink anything resembling water--even a counterfeit--to get that need met, right? ...Now what if we talk about an emotional need such as the need for praise? ... Maybe it's been a really long time since you heard someone affirm you. What do you think becomes essential? That's right, getting praise. ...

You might even become compelled to get approval from anyone who will give it to you. ... The only real way to get needs met is from God Himself. We can't be truly effective disciples of Jesus Christ when we are being led by a wounded heart because our motives will be twisted. ... Whether we are aware of it consciously or not, we will be seeking our unmet emotional needs in almost everything we do." 

- Teasi Cannon, "My Big Bottom Blessing", p. 117-119