Jude's Favorites at Age 5

 Song: Word crimes, Uptown Funk (censored), anything Peter, Bjorn, and John.

Color: The Rainbow

Trending words with Jude: "Cute," (e.g. "Daddy, I saw a bunny and it was soooo cute! and then the dogs chased her and she ran away, and I was like "awhhhhh..." or "This room is so cute!") "Disgusting," (e.g. "DISGUSTING! Daddy kissed mommy.")

Drink: Apple juice

Super hero: Superman and Ironman

Favorite thing to do outside: Playing on the playground with mommy

Friends: Zeke, Aurora, Noah, Isaac, Little baby Jackson, Caleb

Friend from school: Myles

Teacher: Ms Kinease and Ms. Tera

Eat: Jason's deli, chick-fil-a, Rosa's

Season: Easter (Spring)

Cartoon: Team Oomy Zoomy and Peppa pig

Movie: Despicable Me 1 and 2

Where would you like to live if not Texas: California

Animal: Elephant

Book: Bearenstein Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, Food Trucks

Shirt: Superman and Ironman

Toy: fire trucks ,bat bot, and blue dog

Food: gold fish, chex, pizza no sauce,

Will you get married? Yes! Married to mommy

Will you have kids? Yes! Rora, Noah, Zeke

When you grow up, you will be: A firefighter and race car driver

Favorite thing about Daddy: Gives me Tic-Tacs and cakes and presents for my birthday!

Favorite thing about Mommy: Kisses me and covers me up when I go to sleep.

Favorite thing about Noah: He plays with me because he's my best friend.

Favorite thing about Dobby: He's silly! He sleeps with me.