Noah's Favorites - Age 3

Photo credit:  Aubrey Edwards

Photo credit: Aubrey Edwards

  • Color: Blue
  • Noah's favorite drink: chocolate or "pink" milk
  • Noah's favorite meal: hot dogs with ketchup and French fries
  • Favorite restaurant: Rosa's (loves their rice!!!!!)
  • Favorite song: Uptown Funk (sensored) + Old MacDonald
  • Favorite cartoon: Team OoMi zoomie and peppa pig
  • Favorite Holidays: Halloween and Christmas
  • Wants to be Ironman and a fire fighter when he grows up.
  • Kids? No because "Ironman doesn't have any kids."
  • Best friends name: Zane, Jace, Jude, Zeke, and Isaac
  • Drink: Apple juice and chocolate milk
  • Super Hero: Batman and Captain America
  • Favorite thing to do Outside: play on the slide in backyard
  • Favorite Season: Summer
  • Favorite Movie: chuck the truck and Frozen
  • Where would you like to live if not Texas: Captain America, Texas
  • Animal: Hippo, frog, or Kangaroo
  • Favorite toy: Scotty dog, captain America shield