LIVE: Ashley Davison - Public Relations Web Design


Last week I just finished another website design and although it moved from in progress to my quintessential outbox,  I somehow never managed to completely overlook posting the finished piece. So. . . Here we go!

Our biggest goals for this project was 1) Produce a sophisticated and feminine face for Ashley Davison PR as well as 2) Provide a needed stage for blogging / a shop front for new and upcoming products. Also, we managed to throw in a little logo / name treatment design along the way for kicks. When in Rome . . . (o.k., that phrase totally doesn't apply here but I've only had three cups of coffee today, so forgive misuse of cliches, please.)

We decided on clean, minimal spaces with beautiful and well-defined channels of information that would prompt readers to move seamlessly from her blog to her shop. All websites are so much more than just a visual holding place for your content. They are your virtual brand, the digital self that interacts with and engages your clients. My hope for all of my designs is to create a website that not only pleases audiences with beauty but is robust, muscled and toned, to grow attract ever increasing viewers. Most importantly it should work effortlessly, without confusion or hesitation. I think, if I do say so myself, we did it! Cheers and High-fives all around!

Ashley Davison - Beautiful Web Design