Seek Peace

“Seek peace and pursue it.” - Psalms 34:14b



Do you ever feel that peace is running from you? Or maybe wandering? Like if you're not ACTIVELY pursuing it, you simply won't have it at all? Yes, I feel this way daily, minute by minute. "The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy" indeed. I find myself getting angry with Jude or Noah or Justin instantly and have to step away and think, "Where is this coming from? Why am I reacting this way? What am I afraid of losing that is bringing such frustration to the surface?" With the outcome of this insane election, I've seen a lot of anger and a lot of peacemaking. I'm saddened by the first but heartened by so many pursuing peace with others. To be frank, though, I find peace hardest to find in my own heart and home than between others. Maybe it's my propensity to people-pleasing, but I'm FAR more likely to pursue being right, having control, or laziness with my words with @linearwhite and my boys than peace. I'm praying this morning for God's transformation in my heart. He is able and I'm going to trust that he will give me a new heart. For the glory of His name and the mercies he never tires of extending. Praise Him all ye peoples!