"When perspectives are unrepresented in discussions, when some kinds of thinkers aren’t at the table, classrooms become echo chambers rather than sounding boards — and we all lose." - (

Such a good post of great current event articles! (

I especially loved the representation of liberal AND conservative views. Please, liberal and conservative brothers and sisters, remember our identity ISN'T along party lines but found in the scarred hands and feet of Jesus.


My question was called "dumb" last night on the live broadcast of the Defending  Life conference and never actually answered. I spent a sleepless night frustrated and mourning my lack of wisdom and my fear that maybe I'm believing the wrong things about how to love our world in and out of the policitcal arena. This morning I heard a repeat of last night---someone saying my question was ridiculous and how could believers think such things---and again I felt overwhelming shame and isolation. How can I love Jesus, love unborn children, and be seen as so obviously different in political opinions?


I don't have an answer to that even now that I've obsessively thought this question for the past 4 hours. But I can tell you the better answer: Jesus. He's the reason that I can disagree with my friends and still joyfully call them sisters. He's better than being "right," better than solving cultural problems with perfect policies, better than the power of my vote or voice. In short, He's just better.


Ya'll, I might vote for the wrong person, support the wrong ideas, believe or question "dumb" things and feel shame at my differentness, but if He's my only righteousness, it's more than enough.


Let's stop saying "how can anyone be a Christian and be a (fill in the noun)"?! Let's instead ask, "How can he love me, you, or any of us enough to call us by his very name, Christ-ian." It is far more than I deserve or will ever deserve.


Special thanks and praise for my dear friends Natalie Tischler and Megan Besong who comforted me last night in my embarrassed tears and turned my eyes to Christ. You are the best for friends and gems in my heart!