A Letter to Jude and Noah on their 7th and 5th Birthday.


July 29, 2017


Seven years ago today I was holding my first child and thinking, "What am I going to do with this tiny soul? I'm not ready for this." Seven years later I'm tucking Judah-Buddha into bed and thinking, "How did you get so big? I'm not ready for this."


You've had so many big milestones this year: learning to read, making new friends, starting kindergarten, learning to talk through your feelings, communicating what you need, building Lego sets all by yourself, painting and coloring beautiful pictures without help, and discovering new things every day.

You love your brothers so well, especially Ezzie, with whom you've formed a very special bond. You lug his chunky self up and down the stairs so he can always be right there next to you, playing Legos or cars or superheroes. You're braver than you know, giving it your best and always proclaiming it the "best day ever!" You want to be a firefighter or police officer when you grow up but with your mind for math and puzzles, I'm betting on engineer. I love how you're always excited to tell me something new followed with, "right mom?"


Gosh I love you, Judah Bear! Happiest of birthdays to you!



August 21, 2017 


Five. Five years of giggles, kisses, sympathy bandaids, cuddles on the couch under your favorite holiday fleeces, legos, adventure walks, Scotty Dog stories, s'mores in the back yard, and all those times I have to tell you to stop eating your boogers.

You want to be a scientist, firefighter, Pokémon trainer, explorer, and treasure hunter. You LOVE chocolate milk (in fact, this is the first thing you say to me every morning, "Mom, can I have some chocolate milk?" You ask every morning even when I'm already in the process of making it, little stinker!) You're a wonderful swimmer, a word-smith, wise beyond your years, and a lover of jokes. And you have a rather intense dramatic streak... like your favorite phrase of, "O.K., just kill me then..." or your notorious "Charlie Brown" moping walk. Still, 9/10 times your joyful and sunny and always quick to laugh and tell me about your day.

I'm floored by your smile, little No, even after five years. 

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