A letter to Jude on his 8th Birthday

Dearest Jude, 

Jude! You’re 8!

I’m overwhelmed with love for you, my tall, handsome bird who was once the angriest baby on the block. It’s so exciting to see you grow in knowledge, compassion, and creativity.

For sure, you’ve had it the worst of the boys: first born to a mom and a dad who had no clue what to do! We took you caving at 2 Weeks old! You were our baby Bjorne buddy at rock concerts, late-night, underground art auctions, and home group hangouts past midnight. We were winging it pretty much 24/7. I don’t think we really “got it” (this whole parenting thing, that is) until Noah came along.

And yet you’ve always been up for the challenge! You’re brave even though sometimes you get scared by clowns, kangaroo, and the dark. Your so sweet to your brothers, always a best friend and helper (even when sometimes that “help” takes the form of sneaking cookies). 

Ypuve grown so much in the past year. I hardly recognize you from how y’all, funny, talkative, and outgoing you’ve become. And WOW can you build legos! Don’t even get me started on how well you play video games. You’re one of a kind, a burst of brilliance in our lives and we are so, so thankful for you.  


I pray that God calls you to himself, continues to mature you in wisdom and gentleness, and floods your heat and life with blessings.

Love you forever and back again, Judah Boods.