Letter to Noah on his 6th birthday


Dearest No,

Second-born son, king of language, word-smith, poet, storyteller, artist, explorer, architect, and (now) six-year-old!

I am the happiest, most blessed of mommas. God has blessed me with three of the smartest, most handsome, most creative, (and most importantly) kindest boys in the universe. Bold statement, I know, but it's entirely true. Legends were made of lesser stuff, Noah. Truly.

You and I share so many interests--adventuring, painting, drawing, reading, finding the end of the story, no matter how far. We also share an unfortunate flare for the dramatic.Β  While your dad is stable, soaring mountain, you and I are the wild deep. We're a vast landscape of ocean--rolling waves, stormy bursts followed by inexplicable sighs of calm. In other words, we can be a handful. We can be two handfuls if we're being honest.

I know, it is more of a curse than a gift I've given you in our twinned personalities, but there is much joy here too. In all things, I think, moderation proves paramount. With us, it's the daily struggle of maintaining perspective. You won't always achieve it, but I know you'll grow (as you already have done) along the way.

Noah Boa Smith, I am so incredibly proud and humbled and impressed by you. You are, in every possible way, your own person. You are a Ninja warrior, Pokemon training master, Lego master builder, and best friend to your brothers.

I pray all blessings on you this sixth year of your life, that God will draw you ever-closer, embrace you in his powerful arms, and lead you in righteousness and wisdom. Thank you for making me a mommy for the second time. Thank you for always giving me a second, third, fourth, 100th chance after I've messed up and ruined things.

Know always we love you to the Noah-iest and always will. Forever. And a few days longer.